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Benposta understands the social degradation faced by children and young people as a violation of their fundamental rights. More than a consequence of individual responsibility, the degrading life situation is the logical result of an exclusive social system which is compounded every day by the armed conflict



In September 1957, in a city located in the Spanish region of Galicia (ORENSE), the priest JESUS CESAR SILVA MENDEZ along with a group of 15 boys between 13 and 15 years, sowed the seeds of what years later would become a genuine social movement, which acquires identity through their educational communities.

This movement, which essentially starts from the recognition of children and young people as subjects of rights, breaks the “labels” that artificially describe them as good, bad, rich, poor ... For Benposta only children exist and as such should be considered.





In late 1973 arrives for the first time to Colombia the Circus “LOS MUCHACHOS”, touring the Americas.

Through this show filled with joy, light and color, Benposta shares his message of hope and anguish to thousands of Colombians. Many of them, children and young people in particular, captured its message and assumed the risk of implementing the Benpostas’ proposal in Colombia. Thus, April 17th 1974 starts the first Benposta educational headquarters in Bogota.

Later in 1983 a group of 30 children and young people, along with three coordinators travel to Villavicencio (Meta) in order to respond to an “emergency” situation that affected many children and young people in this region, leading to the Benposta educational headquarters in Los Llanos.
On December 89, two groups of young people from the headquarters in Los Llanos went to Monteria (Córdoba) and Riohacha (Guajira), to share closely some of the difficult situation created by the social and economic violence that affects thousands of families, where boys and girls are the most affected, and initiate a coordinated process with the community and local organizations that allowed later to decide on a possible institutionalization of Benposta there.


Since we were very little we have been feeling the throb of the country through its music and we have vibrated at its own pace. We have taken up the challenge to make you feel that life is expressed evernamic and diverse mix that lives in our hands, our dances, our voices, our drums ....

Boys and girls are subjects of rights and never assinstance objects.
No child, young or girl are guilty. Those who are identified as “bad”, “desadaptados”, “criminals”..., are innocent victims of a social structure which denies us our rights, condemning us to a permanent death: rejection, contempt, hunger, ignorance, death....

All children are equal. When we lack any of our rights it is because adults usurp them from us.
Those organizations which arrange activities and programs that Benedit us, merely fulfill its social obligation recovering our natural rights.

Antigua sede


The instituional mission of Benposta is to design and develop projects, programs and activities that promote the recognition of children and young people as social subjects in a dynamic force and restitution of their fundamental rights.


To defend and promote the right of children to a decent life, through respect for their dignity and recognition as social subjects.



The direct and active participation of children and adolescents in the design and management of each of the activities that comprise the “Community Education” is one of the fundamental principles of pedagogical practice. The districts, assemblies, mayoral elections, government boards and deputies councils added to each of them in a real “educational game” based on dialogue and tolerance as a fundamental element in the process of social and personal growth.

El niño en la cima y el adulto soportando esta pirámide.

Benposta understands the social degradation faced by children and young people as a violation of their fundamental rights.
More than a consequence of individual responsibility, the degrading life situation is the logical result of an exclusive social system which is compounded every day by the armed conflict


Benposta is an alternative to restitution of rights and construction of life for children and young people who face risky situations that affect the development of their potential, by the conditions of social exclusion which they are being subjected.
At this juncture a high percentage of children and adolescents who enter the Benposta educational headquarters are directly affected by the armed conflict, being placed into categories of “displaced” or “unrelated” from the armed conflict.


Jóvenes en acción


The influx of children to the Benposta headquarters occurs through different forms: Benposta institutional presence in urban areas that involve high levels of risk, participation in institutional networks that can detect cases requiring urgent intervention; direct requests from parents or close relatives……
Being children Benposta, they not only receive temporary protection, but also are integrated into the educational proposal, thereby go back and continue their school, keeping and reinforcing relationship with their social core and family membership.

Clase de música en Benposta


Over the years Benposta in Colombia has received support from the solidarity of national and international agencies, stressing among other agreements with local and nacional government (Ministries of Education, Social Action,… ICBF) and the international support of Cordaid (Netherlands); Terre des Hommes Geneve (Switzerland), Save the Children (UK); Misereor (Germany), Diakonie (Germany); IOM, and Alcobendas (Spain). Benposta has a support in Spain with a solidary partner for International Cooperation (ABENIN), with permanent headquarters in Alcobendas (Madrid).


Un brindis por la Paz

En el salón de Asambleas


makes explicit an option for a fair
society, tolerant, based on a policy of social development that includes
us all with the same equality, where boys and girls are not “rich”, “poor
“from the streets”, “abandoned”, “displacement”... But boys and girls,
only that.
In the middle of an unfair social system, which kills every day life and
dream of thousands, boys and girls, our message is an anguished cry
that commits us
to continue building spaces of life and hope.


We are the boys and girls of the land,
We are going around the world with holding hands;
Because we do not want another war
Poisoning the night or obscuring the day.
And tha is why Lord of the Universe,
We ask you victory in the struggle:
Victory over hunger
That prevents many people
Bless the daily bread,
Victory over the gold which builds
Soulless cities while fields
Sterile shake of thistles;
Victory over the addiction that kills culture
And degrades love.
And justice for many people
Surviving in the exploitation.
And that is why we ask you Lord of the Universe
Peace, the one you promised to all of us
The men and women of goodwill.
If all men and women of the world,
Gave a hand each other
None could oppress his brother
If all, looked up to the sky
There would be no misery in the world, oppression or mourning
If all prayed together to God,
The world would be a star of peace, justice and love.


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